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Much like investing in the stock market, it’s important to heed basic advice when it comes to sports betting: be prepared, research thoroughly and know when to take the plunge to maximize your payouts.

That all sounds good and dandy, sure, but you’re looking for specific sports betting advice to give you an edge. You’ve come to the right place. Here at abe, we’ll arm you with the information necessary to thrive as a bettor, whether you’re a newcomer or someone looking to sharpen up your wagering skills.

Continue reading for five key pieces of advice to live by as you seek to expand your betting profits.

1. Study value

When you find a bet where you feel the odds of a team winning are better than the odds sportsbooks are implying, that’s an example of a value bet. It’s worth checking in on this principle when the lines open, and closer to the start time of the actual game. Opening lines don’t often reflect what the numbers will be leading up to the contest itself. There’s a short window where odds are likely to favor the bold who jump on a good spread or moneyline.

Say the New Orleans Saints are hosting the Cincinnati Bengals, and the opening spread is -3 in favor of the Saints. Maybe they’re coming off a loss and have a key player whose status is questionable for the next contest, and Cincinnati just won its last game. This is an example of where it’d be wise to pounce on Saints -3 before the spread likely expands.

It cuts the other way, too, which is part of the reason why value is the No. 1 pillar of sports betting advice. Even if it seems a little self-explanatory on the surface, it’s worth digging into the “why.”

Closer to a game starting, there may be key injury information, a personnel change, or a star player sitting out for some unforeseen reason that’ll drastically adjust the odds. You can capitalize on such circumstances and find value there, too.

2. Specialize, specialize, specialize

Even if you’ve been around sports for a while or are a fanatic who consumes darn near every major league, it’s difficult to be an expert in everything. Only the elite gamblers of the world can thrive in multiple sports. Otherwise, after a while, the odds start to go against you, and the adage of “the house always wins” starts to manifest itself.

To find value bets, you need to try and get a better view of a given game than the bookmaker, so don't spread yourself too thin. If you like the NBA best, wager on hoops. If you're an NFL nut, go with football at the outset.

That’s not to say you can’t read up on other sports, and perhaps find that while you like certain sports better, different events may be more in your wheelhouse to profit from as a bettor. But at least to start, go with something you know and can specialize in at least from a knowledge base standpoint.

Follow that advice, and you’re bound to get off to a good start in sports betting.

3. Be your own oddsmaker

If you're a regular sports bettor, chances are you know a thing or two about sports. But even if you’re new and want to get a better feel of how the sports betting game works, one key piece of advice to follow is creating your own odds.

It’s a fun exercise, and can be fun to debate among your betting friends as well. Before the opening lines are revealed, do your research and play oddsmaker. It's possible that your numbers will be similar to those at your favorite sportsbook, but it's also possible that you'll find an angle the books won't.

To use that prior Saints-Bengals example, maybe that opening line of New Orleans -3 is a shocker to you, so you go immediately to a sportsbook and throw down on the Saints to cover. On the other hand, maybe you were already smelling a Cincinnati upset for some reason, but figure the spread will correct itself more favorably toward New Orleans.

Thus, you wait until closer to Sunday’s kickoff to either get more points for the Bengals, or get a superior moneyline payout if you’re going really bold!

4. Don't get too high or too low

It can be thrilling to pull off an upset, like, say, the Bengals over the Saints. But let’s cut quickly to another sport for variety’s sake. In the NBA, say you took the Memphis Grizzlies over the Los Angeles Lakers even though the Grizzlies were major dogs on the road.

Good news: Memphis pulled the upset. Unfortunately, you were feeling yourself a little too much and took the Grizzlies the next night against the Denver Nuggets — another excellent team. You got a tad greedy with the Grizzlies, and they got spanked on the second leg of a back-to-back.

Listen, even the sharpest bettors have their ups and downs and make rash decisions, but what makes them the best is that they stay mostly even keeled. They don't pop champagne after each win, and they don't sink into toxic self-loathing after each loss. Victory or defeat, they put on their helmet and get right back to work the following day.

Stay grounded, and if you’re on a bit of a slide, don’t try to win it all back in one bet. That’s where you can run into trouble. If you’re on a hot streak, continue to be measured and smart with your wagers. If nothing else, you'll be a happier bettor.

Keeping a cool head is oftentimes easier said than done, but seriously, it’ll save you a lot of grief, unnecessary anxiety and compounded losses that’ll leave you kicking yourself.

5. Use an odds comparison engine

Sometimes sports betting can be a case of paralysis by analysis, where bettors take too much advice from too many mediums, undergo information overload and begin to second-guess everything.

The flip side to this phenomenon is, bettors are more educated than ever due to the unprecedented wealth of knowledge, advanced data and overall convenience of the Internet — and that’s generally a good thing.

One of the best tools available to sports bettors is an odds comparison engine, just like the one right here at abe. With numbers from all the major sportsbooks at your fingertips, our odds comparison engine will help you find the odds you're looking for.

An odds comparison engine is a fantastic way to find the best odds and maximum payouts on your bets. By consistently checking the numbers, you can find out which sportsbooks most often offer the best odds for what you like to bet on, and sign up accordingly.

At abe, we have partnerships with many of the major sportsbooks, with convenient sign-up deals and promotions available to boot.

To sum up all this sports betting advice: study hard, focus on a sport or two in your wheelhouse, keep an eye on the major sportsbooks’ odds and their differences, start creating your own odds, and amid all the excitement, keep calm, and enjoy the ride!

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If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-Gambler. You must be 21 years or older to place a bet.