Coronavirus Postpones Major Sports Leagues: What Can I Bet On?

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The coronavirus has put much of the world — and certainly major sports leagues — on pause, which begs the question: what can I bet on in lieu of traditional sports betting?

Well, to allude to Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, there are certain sports that might find their way into Obscure Sports Quarterly you can still bet on. There are some unique, non-sports wagers sportsbooks are offering, too.

Proceed in reading to find out what these are, along with a certain event that's taking plenty of action as it's slated to go on this April.

PointsBet offering new sports betting

Following the lead of DraftKings, who've been posting table tennis odds for bettors to wager on, PointsBet is dipping deep into the well of obscure sports to keep gamblers' adrenaline flowing.

It sounds cooler than you think. Chinese Taipei Basketball is still going on, not to mention handball, volleyball and more being among PointsBet's more than 10 new major sports leagues to bet on!

If you've never played table tennis, it's a pretty epic game. Those who make a career out of it as professionals stand feet away from the table, hammering away with hardcore baseline smashes and crazy spin shots.

Speaking of DraftKings, out friends at the sportsbook showed us just how lucrative a table tennis wager can be:

Not only does ping pong take incredible hand-eye coordination — it's also a demanding, sweat-inducing affair. And you can join in on the perspiration party by dropping some coin on these matches.

Additionally, PointsBet has Belarus Premier League and Nicaraguan Primera Division soccer, and other sportsbooks such as William Hill are offering that as well. Just keep your eyes peeled, as it's pretty easy to locate even unheralded major sports leagues, as those types of wagers headline major sportsbooks at the minute.

Which non-sports events can I bet on?

As was reported by The Wall Street Journal, bettors are throwing down money on TV shows — even one's they've never previously seen — along with video game simulations. Yes, you read that correctly.

WSJ interviewed a wagerer who bet on the Green Bay Packers to beat the Chicago Bears in a Madden video game simulation last month, and won money off it from Bovada, an offshore sportsbook.

Anne Juceam runs a website called Reality Fantasy League, where people place bets on their favorite TV shows. Primary programs featured on the website include The Bachelor, The Oscars, Top Chef and Game of Thrones.

Obviously three of those have come and gone, but Top Chef is getting some serious action now. Juceam told WSJ the number of users has tripled as compared to last year's edition of Top Chef.

DraftKings has posted odds for TV shows such as Shark Tank, per WSJ, resulting in some users winning as much as six figures on bets.

NFL Draft still proceeding as planned this month

If Obscure Sports Quarterly and Top Chef aren't your cups of tea, fear not: as of this writing, the 2020 NFL draft is still scheduled to go on. It's comprising the vast majority of major-league sports betting right now.

Big sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel and PointsBet have an endless array of player prop bets, team-specific wagers and all kinds of fun for bettors ahead of the April 23-25 dates for the draft.

Whether you want to bet on who a team will draft, how many players at a certain position will go in the first round, the exact order of the first three picks, how many players from a specific school will be selected in Round 1 or anything in between, all that's there for your betting pleasure.

So, what are you waiting for? Between a select number of major sports leagues carrying on games, fun, entertaining TV shows that supply plenty of drama and pro football's draft, there's plenty to tide you over before the sports universe goes back to relative normal!

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If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-Gambler. You must be 21 years or older to place a bet.